How many full-time firefighter / paramedics are there and how many paid on call firefighters are there?

By national standards, the Red Wing Fire Department is classified as a combination fire department. Its membership consists of 28 full time firefighter/paramedics and up to 30 paid-on-call firefighter/first responders.      

Most of the department officials work a varying 40-hour work week schedules, Monday through Friday, officials such as the:

  • Fire Chief
  • Assistant Fire Chief
  • Fire Marshal
  • Fire Inspector

The remaining personnel are assigned to one of three revolving 48-hour shifts, each consisting of a fire captain and seven firefighter/paramedics. Red Wing Fire Department personnel are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to provide an immediate response to the fire protection and emergency medical needs of the community.  

Paid-on-call firefighters are paged on an “on-call” basis simultaneously with full time personnel to reported structure fires or a variety of other large scale or specialized incidents that require mobilization of a large workforce. They respond from work or home as needed to address the emergency response needs of the department. Paid-on-call firefighters also attend regularly scheduled monthly training and scheduled public education events.

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1. How many full-time firefighter / paramedics are there and how many paid on call firefighters are there?
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