How does YourGov work on the web?

Follow the Link to YourGov Citizen Request Web Page, your first step will be to sign in using a valid e-mail address and password. If you are a first time user, you will need to create a profile to use the application. Once the user has successfully registered and logged in, the Citizen can “Add Requests” and enter and address or click on the map. Select and issue and the date it was observed and add any pertinent details. Once the issue is submitted it will be forwarded to the responsible department and the appropriate action will be taken.

In order to use YourGOV, you will need Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed on your computer. Silverlight enhances interactivity wherever the Web works. Install Silverlight.

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1. What is YourGov?
2. How does YourGov work?
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4. How does YourGov work on the web?
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