Community Gardens

All garden plots are rented for the 2024 growing season. However, anyone interested in being placed a wait list can do so by sending an email to Paul Cardinal at

The goal of the Red Wing Community Gardens is to provide an area for individuals and families to grow a garden, to build and nurture community friendships, and to share and grow gardening skills. What you grow in your garden plot is yours to keep.

Spring Creek Community Garden

The Spring Creek Community Garden is located one mile south of Highway 61 on Spring Creek Avenue. 

Featherstone Community Garden

The Featherstone Park garden can be accessed off of West Maple Avenue. 

Sign for community garden

Gardeners from one year to next will have the first opportunity to continue their gardens the following year in their same plot. Their plot will be reserved for them as soon as payment for 2023 is received. A single garden plot is 20 by 20 feet.

Hold Harmless Waiver

Each year, a "Contract and Hold Harmless Waiver (PDF)" must be signed between the City of Red Wing and anyone wishing to have a Community Garden plot. The waiver is part of the contract packet. This packet contains complete information regarding all aspects of Red Wing's Community Gardens, including pricing details, plot sizes, etc.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak with someone regarding the Community Gardens, please email Paul Cardinal, Community Gardens volunteer, or call him at 612.720.3343.