Red Wing Flower Baskets

Flowers & Hardware

Wire Baskets

16 inch Wire baskets with added wire for strength come from:
Topiary Art Works and Greenhouses
P.O. Box 574
Clearwater, Ks 67026
Phone: 316-584-2366

Aluminum Pans

Aluminum pans were custom made by:
Acme Metal Spinning, Inc.
98 43rd Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55421
Phone: 612-788-9051

Hanging Brackets

Thomas Betts Corp of Hager City, Wisconsin. made the hanging brackets, and painted the brackets and baskets.

Wire Basket
Flower Basket Bracket on Street Light

The flower basket program would not be possible without the partnership of the Red Wing Kiwanis Club.

Local Greenhouses

Local greenhouses start seeding in January, then transfer seedlings to the baskets in mid-March. Baskets are typically set out the third week of May and are removed the third week of September

  • Sargent's Nursery, Inc.
    Bob Lewis
    Phone: 651-388-3847
Flower Baskets at Greenhouse


Flower baskets are made up of a variety of plants, including:

  • Calibrachoa "Superbells Yellow"
  • Ivy Geranium "Blizzard Blue"
  • Ivy Geranium "Blizzard Pink"
  • Ivy Geranium "Bright Cascade"
  • Petunia "Supertunia Bermuda Beach"
  • Petunia "Supertunia Lemoncello"
  • Petunia "Supertunia Mini-Bright Pink"
  • Petunia "Supertunia Mini-Purple"
  • Petunia "Supertunia White"
  • Petunia "Surfinia Red"
  • Petunia "Surfinia Sky Blue"

Watering System

10 to 12 volunteers give their time to help water the baskets throughout the summer. Baskets are watered daily because of the soil-less potting mix used. City water is diluted with a water-soluble fertilizer for every watering. Approximately 500 gallons of water is used to water the flower baskets, down from the 1,000 gallons used before the City began using a water reclamation program.