Shoveling Your Sidewalk

Sidewalk Shoveling

As a community we are all responsible for keeping sidewalks safe for winter walking. City Ordinance states that snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow/ice has ceased. After the 24 hours following a snow or ice event, a door hanger will be posted on residences that are out of compliance with the Ordinance. This door hanger proactively reminds the resident that he/she is out of compliance and will have an additional 24 hours to bring his/her sidewalk into compliance with the City Ordinance.

After this additional 24 hours, crews will begin to remove snow, and a $120 fee will be charged to the property owner. This notice of sidewalk clearing will be posted one time as a courtesy reminder, and any property not in compliance after the first posting will be cleared without any further notification. 

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing does cause additional amounts of snow to be deposited in drive approaches and around roadside obstacles. Residents need to be aware that it is not practical or feasible to eliminate this situation, and at times it may be necessary to clean a driveway a second time after a street has been plowed. With this in mind, private snow operators and residents need to be aware that it is a misdemeanor for any person to plow snow across streets onto neighboring property, remove snow from private property and place it in any roadway or on a sidewalk, store snow on boulevard areas, and/or block street signs. Tickets can be issued for this violation.

Mailbox Damage

City crews will not repair mailbox damage caused by the weight of snow hitting the mailbox. Residents should contact the local Post Office to ensure their mailbox is installed property. A properly installed mailbox has less chance of being damaged by a snowplow, since most damage is caused to mailboxes that are either too close to the roadway, at an incorrect height, or mounted on a substandard post.