Utilities Division

Work within the Utilities Division of the Public Works Department involves a variety of utility-related projects and activities. Among the regular activities are: Starting and finalizing utility accounts for billing, reading meters, operating curb stops, water production and treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater pre-treatment, stormwater, sanitary sewer, and water distribution system maintenance and laboratory analysis.

Projects within this division include repair/replacement of system infrastructure and land application of biosolids.

About the Deputy Director

Jerry Plein is the Deputy Director of Utilities for the Public Works Department.  Jerry began his career with the City of Red Wing in 1992 as an Assistant Operator in the wastewater collection department.  In January of 2003, Jerry was promoted to Water Operator and then promoted to Operations Foreman for the water distribution and sewer collection department in November of that same year.  He was in that position for 6 years before moving up into the role of Public Works Superintendent of Streets and Utilities.  He held the position for 11 years before being promoted to Deputy Director of the Utility Division in 2020. 

Jerry oversees the operations and staff of the City’s water and wastewater treatment facilities, water supply, and storage facilities, as well as the stormwater control and treatment program.  He also provides support to the water distribution and sewer collection department.