E-waste Events

Providing valuable community service, the City of Red Wing's Waste Campus is collecting electronics and household appliances for free or at a reduced rate.

2022 Electronic Waste Collection Event

Saturday, November 5, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

City of Red Wing Waste Campus, 1873 Bench Street, Red Wing, MN 55066

Please remember this is not a completely free event. While many items are accepted at no charge, some items will be accepted at a reduced cost during this event.

Items to be Charged:

  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRTs) < 25” – $15/unit
  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRTs) >25” – $25/unit
  • Cabinet Cathode Ray Tube (CRTs) – $25/unit
  • Rear Projection TVs (Big Boys) – $40/unit
  • Any Freon Containing Appliances (Dehumidifiers/Refrigerators/Freezers) – $15/unit
  • Large Copy Machines/Printers/Floor Units – $50/unit

Items that will be accepted for free include:

  • Free Electronic Items:
    • Game Consoles, Cellphones & Tablets, Extension Cords, Cables & Mice, Flat Screen Monitors & TVs (LCD/LED), Switches, Routers & Hubs, CPUs, Memory & Disk Drives, Laptops & Desktop Computers, Satellite, Cable & TiVo Receivers, Peripheral Cards & Hardware, Small Printers/Copiers
  • Free Household Items:
    • Microwaves, Dishwashers, Washers & Dryers, Space Heaters, Stoves, Extension Cords, Christmas Lights, Vacuums, & Other Small Household Appliances. No Mercury Containing Devices!

About This Event

The annual Electronics Recycling Event is available for all residents and businesses in southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. This is a chance to get rid of unused electronics, most of them for free. There are reduced rates for CRT televisions, console televisions, and freon appliances. The primary goals are to recover and recycle electronics and electrical products to keep them out of the waste stream. 

City of Red Wing volunteers and staff will assist electronics waste donors in collecting the materials from their vehicles.