Kiosk Panel 18: 25,000 Attend 1928 National Tournament

More information about the history of ski jumping in Red Wing and across the Nation can be found at the museum. Thanks to Bryan Sanders from Stillwater, Minnesota who was an Olympic jumper for Team USA in the 1992 Olympics at Albertville, France, and to Jerry Borgen, who together, created the museum and hall of fame. The museum opened on January 25, 2014, prior to winter Olympics.

Virtual Ski Jumping Simulator

A virtual ski jumping simulator will be installed soon at the museum and folks can practice their skills. The mission of the team running the museum is to have a national ski jumping tournament sometime again in Red Wing.

Time Line

Included in the museum is a “time line” of the history of U. S ski jumping. Starting in the 1880’s and each decade until the present time. Also included is a 3-foot by 8-foot diorama created by John Cain, Red Wing, showing the exact replica of the Charlson Hill on the morning of February 5, 1928, on the first jump of the day by Babe Lillethun, Red Wing. The structure is complete with tiny Model A Fords and Studebakers and the skier in the air as he makes the tracks for the others to follow.

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The Contestants

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to the following organizations and businesses for their part in the completion of the Ski Jumping Museum and Hall of Fame.

  • Contractors:
    • Bella Casa Interiors
    • Parker Electric
    • Storing Flooring
    • Welchwood Cabinets
    • Wynn Construction
  • Goodhue County Historical Museum
  • Jones Foundation
  • Phil Revoir collection
  • Red Wing Area Fund
  • St. James Hotel

Also a special thank you to Wally Wakefield, Maplewood, Minnesota. ‘for serving as chair of the selection committee of the American Ski Jumping Hall of Fame since it’s inception in 1997.

Detailed Information

For detailed information about the Aurora Ski Club and the history of ski jumping in Red Wing, check the book at the museum, authored by Fred Johnson, formerly of Red Wing and now living in Cottage Grove.


Visit the American Ski Jumping website.