Septic Waste

The City of Red Wing accepts the disposal of sewage pumped from septic tanks by permitted contract septic haulers.  Any hauler who wishes to use this service must apply for an annual permit to be approved by the Public Works Department, Utilities Division prior to disposal.  Applications are available on the City of Red Wing's website or at the Solid Waste Campus located at 1873 Bench Street. Completed applications may be dropped off or mailed to the Solid Waste Campus or the Public Works office located at 229 Tyler Road N. All applications must be approved prior to disposal.
Prior to each disposal, haulers are required to check into the Solid Waste Office to complete the necessary paperwork. Monthly reports and payments are also required.

Please note: Hauled waste generated from outside the Corporate City limits will not be accepted from commercial haulers whose business address is outside the City limits.

Septic Hauler Application

By Permit Only

Type of Waste
Septage and Satellite Toilet Wastewater or Industrial Wastewater (With prior approval)
$100.05 per 1,000 gallons ($23.99 per ton) with $10 minimum
Residential Domestic Holding Tank Wastewater (Including RV holding tank)
$44.85 per 1,000 gallons ($10.76 per ton) with $10 minimum

No Permit Required

Type of Waste Fee
RV Holding Tank Disposal $10