Vision, Mission, Principles, and Core Values

Our Vision

Red Wing thrives as a vibrant, creative river town that values its natural environment, welcomes all people, and unlocks opportunity for everyone.

Our Mission

We strive to create a sustainable, healthy, accessible, resilient, and equitable community where every person feels at home.

Our SHARE Principles

We are Sustainable.

We meet our present needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We are successful when we manage our natural, financial, and human resources today while we plan for a successful tomorrow.

We are Healthy.

Our health consists of physical, mental, fiscal, and social health. We know true health arises from everyone having safe and affordable resources we take pride in: jobs, housing, education, healthcare, transportation, nutrition, the environment, neighborhoods, government, arts and culture, parks, and recreational opportunities.

We are Accessible.

We work so all residents have equal access to information, services, transportation, facilities, and involvement. We want to be a place where all residents feel they belong and have open, easy, meaningful ways to connect with neighbors, organizations, and local government.

We are Resilient.

We adapt and grow despite everyday stresses and periodic shocks. We use evidence-based approaches and collaborative partnerships to find solutions so we can emerge stronger after tough times and live better in good times.

We are Equitable.

We strive to be fair and just, without barriers. We listen to residents early and throughout decision-making processes. We consider all impacts of plans, policies, and procedures, and we work to decrease any negative or unintended consequences.

Our Core Values


We will strive to provide responsive customer service that exceeds expectations.


As leaders, we will generate new ideas and continually seek more efficient ways of doing things while strongly encouraging employees to reach their full potentials.

Strong community connections

We will continue to improve upon communication with community partners with shared goals.

Environmentally Conscious

We will make decisions that preserve and protect the environment to the highest feasible degree.


In our everyday operations, we will treat everyone with a high level of courtesy and dignity.


Each of our responsibilities will be carried out with the level of honor and accountability in a manner that inspires public confidence.

Open and Engaging

We will deliberately seek out all sides of issues and encourage multi-faceted participation from all segments of the community.


As ambassadors, we will represent citizens and the organization with pride and enthusiasm.

Our Statement of Intent for Government Meetings

"We gather today in this room as one people to discuss and attend to the matters of Red Wing. Together, as a government body and as community members, we agree to treat everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect. We will listen to all sides of an issue, encourage participation, support each other, act with honor and accountability, and inspire pride in our community. This we commit as we open this meeting."
(This is read aloud before each regular City Council meeting.)

More Information

Read the Red Wing 2040 Community Plan.
Read the City Government’s 10-Year Strategic Plan, based on the 2040 Plan’s strategies.