Part 2: Listen to Residents

The following documents show how we listened to community members over the course of 2017 and 2018 to gather input for the Red Wing 2040 Plan.Image of teens working on Red Wing park plans

2017 Community Survey

Ten Action Teams made up of community members helped create questions for the survey, which was conducted in September 2017. The scientific, random-sample, statistically-significant survey was conducted via cell phones and landlines by the Morris Leatherman Company using evidence-based methods to ensure the sample was representative of Red Wing's populations.

2017 Hispanic Survey

Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County and Live Healthy Red Wing worked with the consultant company HACER to conduct a survey of Hispanic residents to learn about quality-of-life topics in Red Wing. The survey was written and conducted in Spanish. An Advisory Team of Hispanic and non-Hispanic residents helped create the survey.

2017 Summer Engagement Project

Red Wing 2040 took our "pop-up station" on the road to 14 different community events (including 30 locations at Night to Unite) in the summer of 2017. In total, we reached 1,300 people, who wrote 4,600 responses to the two questions below:

Question Number 1: "What do you like most about living in Red Wing?"
Question Number 2: "What would make Red Wing a better place to live?"

2017-2018 Community Engagement Summaries

These summaries provide results compiled from the surveys and reports above in the 10 focus areas of Red Wing 2040. The summaries portray people's perceptions of today and do not relate to solutions or action steps.