Red Wing 2040

Image of Red Wing 2040 cover page

Red Wing 2040 is the community's comprehensive 20-year plan for the future, and your voice is important. Help us make Red Wing a town where everyone can thrive.

Red Wing 2040 Project Overview (PDF)

The planning process consists of four parts throughout 2017 and 2018:

Part 1: Collect Data and Understand Trends - January 2017 through May 2017
Part 2: Listen to Residents - June 2017 through September 2017
Part 3: Learn from Other Communities -- October 2017 through November 2017
Part 4: Community Vision and Action Plans -- December 2017 through December 2018

Final Draft expected to be considered by City Council in January, 2019.

Early Vision Boards: Parks and Neighborhoods

Message from the Mayor, March 2017:

Dear Red Wing Citizens:

Red Wing is poised to take advantage of a number of great opportunities right now and we need everyone’s help charting our town’s future. As mayor, I’m inviting you to become involved. Your input is needed because the initiative’s final product - a comprehensive community plan - will help shape Red Wing for the next 20 years, as well as focus efforts toward short-term goals, priorities, and projects. You can follow the progress of this effort and learn about ways to become involved on this website.

Sean M. Dowse, Mayor of the City of Red Wing