Landscaping & Ornamentation

Perpetual Care Fund

To maintain the cemeteries as memorials and serene and beautiful final resting places, the City of Red Wing has established a Perpetual Care Fund. This is funded through the purchase price of lots and assures that gravesites will be maintained unto perpetuity by the City.

Perpetual Flower Fund

The City also offers an optional Perpetual Flower Fund. A one-time fee is paid on or before the 31st day of May of a given year for the planting and maintenance of flowers to begin the following year and every year thereafter.

The City will plant the stand and urn provided to cemetery staff.  If either are damaged due to vandalism, the City will replace it with a standard urn. In order to purchase perpetual flowers, please provide the lot, block, and section of the grave space. If that is unavailable or unknown, the name and approximate date of death of the individual or individuals buried in the lot or lots will suffice.

Ornamentation Guidelines

Since the general landscaping of the grounds of the cemeteries complements the natural beauty of the area, ornamentation guidelines have been developed to further enhance the beauty of the cemeteries. 

  • Ornamentation includes natural flowers and plants in good condition and suitable planters.
  • Other items made from wood, ceramics, cement, clay, and terra-cotta are limited to statues, figurines, and religious symbols.
  • Special ornamentation is permitted on specific dates and special occasions and for a period of 24 hours.
  • Artificial ornamentation or artificial flowers are not permitted.
  • All ornamental decorations must also meet the size specifications determined by City staff.
  • American and commemorative Armed Service Flags are permitted between Memorial Day and September 15.

Additional Information

For more information call 651.385.3648 or email Cemetery Superintendent John Friedrich.