Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Protecting Red Wing's Tree Canopy

Crisis-Level Situation

Red Wing's tree canopy is in imminent danger. Due to Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an invasive insect that infests and ultimately kills ash trees, the majority of ash trees in Red Wing will die in the next six years. While it is too late to stop EAB in its tracks, it's not too late to take action to protect the vibrancy of the tree canopy throughout the city.

Damage left on ash tree by Emerald Ash Borer
EAB gallery. Photo by Minnesota Department of Agriculture

You Can Help

Red Wing residents can help combat the damage caused by EAB and make the city's tree canopy diverse and vibrant for years to come.

At Home

On privately-owned property, property owners can remove and replace or treat ash trees.


  • Residents with ash trees on their property can remove them and are encouraged to replace them with a new species of tree.
  • Residents are encouraged to have the tree removed by a tree care company and not attempt to remove the tree themselves.
  • Ash trees should only be removed during the EAB dormant season (October 1-April 30).
  • University of Minnesota Extension has suggestions for tree species well-suited to replace removed ash trees.


  • Healthy ash trees (with less than 30% canopy loss if infestation is suspected) can be chemically treated.
  • Through Rainbow Treecare, Red Wing residents can receive a discounted rate on EAB treatment. Residents should contact Rainbow Treecare at 952.767.6920 or through their website to discuss arrangements.
  • Chemical treatment is not a one-time solution. Repeat treatment (generally every 1-3 years) will likely be necessary to maintain your ash tree.

City's Response

The City has been working to manage EAB around Red Wing for years. 

Efforts have included:

  • No longer planting new ash trees on public property.
  • Removing ash trees, starting with those in poor to fair condition or with major defects.
  • Replacing ash trees in accordance with the Urban Forest Asset Management Plan and and Public Works operating procedures.

Now the City of Red Wing's Public Works Department has been awarded a $94,000 grant to accelerate the removal and replacement of ash trees throughout the city.