Licenses & Permits

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Building and Zoning Permits

  1. Building Permits

Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Demolition Permits

  1. Zoning Permits

Permits and Applications to Use Public Property

  1. Construction or Utility Projects

The City has a number of permits and applications that provide for various types of use of public property and street right-of-way (ROW). If you need a permit to work in the city street right-of-way or other public property for a construction or utility project, visit the Permits, Applications & Fees page to access these forms.

  • Application to work in the city right-of-way
  • Private Use of Public Property (PUPP) – construction projects
  • Utility permit application
  • Utility annual registration
  1. Facility Reservations and Events on Public Property
  1. Public Art and Placemaking

Other Licenses and Permits

  1. Burn Permits, Food Wagon Licenses, Sidewalk Café Licenses, Solicitor's Registration, Tobacco License, Etc.

Licenses and permits listed below can be obtained through the Permits and License Manager. Many of the applications listed are available online and can be accessed with a click.

These applications have been designed to be completed on a computer. They can be completed from a tablet or mobile device, but you may encounter formatting issues.

  1. Cats and Dogs
  1. Current Licensees
  1. Exceptions