Licenses & Permits

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Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Demolition Permits:

  • All of these permits can be applied for online through the Building Permit Applications, Fees & Permits page, or you may print off a copy of the permit and submit it by fax. All issued permits will be e-mailed to you if an e-mail address is provided or mailed out.
  • To schedule an inspection on a current permit or if you need to speak with a building inspector regarding general questions, a permit, or an inspection. At this time, Building Inspectors will continue to conduct permit inspections as they are scheduled.
  • If you have general questions regarding these permits, please contact 651.385.3623. If you have specific questions for the building inspectors, please call Frank at 651.385.3611. Our fax number is 651.388.4782 and the general building e-mail is

Fence, Sign, and Other Zoning Permits:

  • These permits can be applied for online on the Planning Applications, Fees, & Permits page, or you may print off a copy of the permit and submit it by fax at 651.388.4782 or by e-mail to Planning Manager Steve Kohn. If you need to speak to the Planning Manager, you can contact him directly at 651.385.3622.

Burn Permits, Food Wagon Licenses, Sidewalk Café Licenses, Solicitor’s Registrations, Tobacco License, etc:

  • Licenses can be applied for online.  At the bottom of this page, select the license you are interested in applying for. Questions on these licenses can be directed to Lisa Acker at 651.385.5113 or by email.

Licenses & Permits

Licenses and permits listed below can be obtained through the Permits and License Manager. The City of Red Wing is going through a process to make all of these applications available online. This is an ongoing process, and applications will be continually added. Many of the applications listed are available online and can be accessed with a click.

These applications have been designed to be completed on a computer. They can be completed from a tablet or mobile device, but you may encounter formatting issues.

Current Licensees


Please call if you have questions regarding:

  • Fruit and vegetable vendors
  • Charitable gambling

Cats & Dogs

City Code requires that all cats and dogs within Red Wing be licensed and registered with the Goodhue County Humane Society, located at:

Goodhue County Humane Society
1213 Brick Avenue
Red Wing, MN 55066