Election Sign Regulation


To preserve the beauty of the community, the City of Red Wing has established regulations governing how election signs are posted. 

City Code Guidelines

According to City Code, political signs are only permitted on private property prior to an election and up to seven days following an election. 

Exception: State General Election Year

However, in a state general election year (even years), this ordinance is overruled by Minnesota Statutes 211B.045 from 46 days before the primary until 10 days after the general election, and campaign signs may be posted in any size and number. 

Boulevards & Right-of-Ways

The signs are not permitted on boulevards or rights-of-way in the city and all signs must be set back a distance from all property lines equal to the installed height of the sign.

Sign Installation

In order to comply with the requirements for sign installation, the general guideline is that signs should not be any closer than 2 feet to the outside edge of the sidewalk or no closer than 15 feet to the back of the curb.

Contact Us

If unsure of the right-of-way location, please contact Public Works Director Shawn Blaney at 651.385.3674 or Engineering Director Jay Owens at 651.385.3625. 

City staff will remove signs placed in public rights-of-way.

Minnesota Statutes

According to Minnesota Statutes 211B.11, Subd. 1, "A person may not display campaign material, post signs, ask, solicit, or in any manner try to induce or persuade a voter within a polling place or within 100 feet of the building in which a polling place is situated, or anywhere on the public property on which a polling place is situated, on primary or election day to vote for or refrain from voting for a candidate or ballot question."

Abiding Signage Laws

The City of Red Wing asks that candidates and property owners abide by signage laws at all times, especially during the campaign season.