ATV/UTV Ordinance

On October 3, 2016, Red Wing City Council adopted an amended ordinance allowing both Class 1 and Class 2 ATVs/UTVs on city streets if they fit the criteria. The ATV/UTV must be a side by side driven with a steering wheel and equipped with operator and passenger seatbelts and a roll-over protective structure. The ordinance still prohibits the operation of a Class 1 ATV/UTV which has a handlebar and the operator sits on a saddle type seat with the passenger behind them.

Persons interested in operating Class 2 ATVs on city streets are encouraged to read the ordinance. Download and read the ordinance (PDF) or obtain a copy at the Red Wing Police Department. An application for the permit, as well as the Insurance Verification form, can be found at the links below or can be obtained at the Red Wing Police Department. Cost of the permit is $30 and the permit is valid for one year.

Permit Restrictions

Restrictions and Procedures for obtaining a permit are as follows:

  • Must present proof of registration at the time of application
  • Must present proof of insurance
  • Operators must be at least 18-years of age and have a valid driver's license that would allow them to drive a motor vehicle in the State of Minnesota
  • ATV/UTV must be operated on the extreme right hand side of the roadway and no faster then 20 miles per hour
  • ATV/UTV must not be operated in the "downtown district" which is defined as the portion of the City between East Avenue/Broad Street and Plum Street; and between Levee Street and Fourth Street
  • ATV/UTV must not be operated on trunk highways such as Highway Number 58 (Bush Street/Plum Street) and Highway Number 61 (Main Street), as provided in Minnesota Statute Section 84.928, subd. 1(a)
  • ATV/UTV must not be operated on Old West Main Street between Withers Harbor Drive and Highway Number 61
  • Required equipment: Rear view mirror or left and right side view mirrors; standard mufflers; brakes adequate to control movement; safety or so-called "deadman" throttle; at least two clear headlamps and two red tail lamps that are to be lit at all times; reflective material at least 16 inches square on each side forward of the steering wheel so as to reflect light at a 90 degree angle
  • No towing of people allowed
  • May only carry the number of passengers for which the ATV/UTV is designed

Applying for a Permit

Applications for the ATV/UTV Permit, as well as the Insurance Verification form can be picked up at the Red Wing Police Department Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m or downloaded. Applications should be returned in person to the Red Wing Police Department. Proof of registration must be presented, along with the completed Insurance Verification form, before a permit can be issued.