Public Art and Placemaking Application

The Public Art and Placemaking Application (PAPA) streamlines the application process and makes it easier for applicants to navigate the process for public art and placemaking projects that occur on city property or street right-of-ways. The Arts & Culture Commission will work with applicants and make recommendations to City Council.

Types of Projects

The following are types of projects or activities that occur on public property or street right-of-way (ROW) that will be considered as part of the PAPA: 

  • sculpture, murals, art walls, sidewalk poetry, art banners, art streetscape furniture (benches, flower baskets, trash containers, tree grates, decorative lighting, etc.) or other public utility infrastructure, landscape art, special art signage, street art, chalk art, interactive and play art, lighting projections and special lighting, performance art, temporary installations, temporary spaces, parklets and creative landscaping, art proposals on state highway ROW that includes a permit approval process by the state, art on city buildings and properties (art on city buildings located in historic districts shall also be reviewed by the Heritage Preservation Commission), and other projects and activities as determined by the Arts & Culture Commission. 

Process, Criteria Checklist, and Application

Step 1: Groups, organizations and individuals are encouraged to contact the Arts & Culture Commission early in their project planning stage. The commission has members on an Engagement Committee and representatives of that subcommittee will meet with potential project proposers to help guide them through the process. The commission also places items on its monthly agenda for general discussion and advice. 

Step 2: Review the checklist of criteria that has been developed to help guide applicants. It is acknowledged that because of the creative nature of these projects that not every item on the checklist will apply, or be relevant to every project. 

Step 3: Fill out and submit the Public Art and Placemaking Application. Depending on your project, this will need to be done at least 30 to 60 days prior to commencement of your project so that there is time for the Arts & Culture Commission to meet and make a recommendation for City Council consideration. This also allows time for city departments to weigh in on proposed projects. 

Step 4: Once the Arts & Culture Commission has made a recommendation, the application will go to the City Council for final action. If approved, a city staff member will be assigned to work with you for implementation.