Policy and Practice Project Meetings

To attend the virtual meetings, just click the meeting link that is included near the top of each meeting agenda. Some meetings have a public and private section, as outlined and approved by City Council on August 24, 2020. Public sections are often for learning about a topic and discussing questions. The private workshop period is for team members to discuss potentially sensitive topics. The Advisory Team is advisory only and is not bound to open meeting laws. The City provides audio-visual recordings of all public segments and summary notes for all private segments. Meeting recordings, notes, materials, and presentations are all available on this page below.

If you wish to contact someone with questions, please contact Michelle Leise at 651-212-3812 or email michelle.leise@ci.red-wing.mn.us.

  1. Michelle Leise

    Community Engagement Facilitator

Advisory Team Recommendations Approved by City Council


Recording of December 9, 2020 Meeting

U of Michigan article - Speaker Rob Kenter from CPE shared this with the team afterwards to correct a statistic he spoke about at the meeting. 

Meeting #5 - November 18, 2020

Meeting #4: October 28, 2020

Meeting #3: October 14, 2020

Meeting #2: September 23, 2020


If you have a question, suggestion, or concern for the Advisory Team, please submit your comments by email.. The Advisory Team may not be able to discuss the issue immediately, but your comment will be recorded so the Advisory Team can discuss it at the appropriate meeting.