Policy and Practice Project

The City of Red Wing acknowledges that systemic racism and the bias of white privilege exists throughout society. We commit to identifying and eliminating that systemic racism throughout city government by working together as a community to improve policies and practices in every department over time so local government works well for everyone.

The City has dedicated itself to a multi-year project involving the public, City Council, City staff, and a diverse, community-based Advisory Team made up of 12 residents. The project identifies, examines, and improves policies and practices that may negatively affect residents, especially residents of color. Recommendations will be brought forward to the City Council. Over time, each department and area of government will be examined for policy improvements.

Advisory Team Members

  • Steve Blaine
  • Alexis DeVries
  • Michael Holmes
  • Sara Kern
  • Cory Koplin
  • Liz Magill
  • Samantha Malcom
  • Racheal Savage
  • Yaneth Santiago
  • Cholwe Walker

Do you have a question or comment for the Advisory Team? Email michelle.leise@ci.red-wing.mn.us or call Michelle at 651-212-3812. The team will take up your question at the appropriate meeting.