Add or Change Street Signs or Traffic Control

The City receives many requests each year to add or change
streets signs or traffic control at intersections or along street segments
within the City. These requests include:

·      Changing yield signs to stop signs

·      Changing two-way stop control to four-way stop control

·      Changing speed limits

·      Adding handicap stalls to on-street parking areas or city parking lots or ramps

·      Adding time restrictions to on-street parking stalls (such as 15 minute parking or 2 hour parking)

·      Restricting parking on one or both sides of the street

When we receive these requests, we do some research and
present them to a group of city staff from many city departments. For those
requests that are deemed reasonable by city staff, staff will bring the item
before City Council for approval. If you have a request involving any of these
items, please contact the City Engineering Department at 651-385-3674. 

Engineering Department webpage

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