How many people are on each shift and why are there that many?

Staffing at the Red Wing Fire Department varies depending on the day of the week and time of day. There are two different shifts such as:

  • Three shifts (eight firefighter/paramedics each) are assigned to 48 hour shifts. These employees are responsible for working 2,912 hours per year including holidays and weekends. This schedule requires that shift firefighters work 832 hours more than the typical 40-hour employee annually.

The staffing model utilized is designed to provide adequate staffing levels during time of peak call volume, while minimizing overtime expenses. All employees are cross-trained and perform firefighting and emergency medical responses daily.

Typical minimum staffing at the start of any given day is six firefighter/paramedics. This provides the minimum staffing level for safe fire ground operations as established by the Red Wing Fire Department. 

However, staffing is permitted to drop to five when required due to ambulance call volume. Maintaining five firefighters on duty provides the minimum number of personnel required for response to a major medical call or concurrent minor medical calls. Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Fire Protection Association standards also require a minimum of four firefighters for “offensive attack” interior fire ground operations.

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