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Dec 10

December 10, 2018 - DNA for Property

Posted on December 10, 2018 at 11:42 AM by Kate Berg

December 10, 2018

Ask the Chief

Q: I purchased an expensive gift for Christmas, and I want to protect it with the new program you were promoting at the R.W.P.D. photo booth during the Holiday Stroll. I lost the brochure you gave me so I was wondering if you could share the information with your readers and me? 

Image of a hooded car burglar with the slogan, "Protect Your Valuables; DNA for Property" and

The brochure you are referencing is "PROTECHDNA," which is a campaign to deter criminals, decrease theft, and improve law enforcement's odds of returning recovered stolen property to its rightful owners. 

If you remember the old “Operation ID” program, which involved engraving your property with an assigned number which was then kept on file at the local police department, this program seems to be a modern upgrade. DNA for Property utilizes new technology to aid in the identification of property. A special adhesive can be swabbed on all types of property. The adhesive will dry invisible and permanent. Suspended in the adhesive are thousands of tiny microscopic dots (smaller than a grain of sand) that are chemically etched with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is then registered with the local law enforcement agency. When law enforcement agencies retrieve stolen property, the agency can utilize a special scanning tool that allows them to identify and read the PIN, which can then be cross-checked against the database to identify the owner and help ensure the property is returned. 

To learn more about the program, you can go to this web address www.protechdna.com or stop by the police station and pick up a new PROTECHDNA information card. 

To receive a kit follow these simple steps: 
1. Go to www.protechdna.com and click to get your free DNA for Property kit.
2. Fill out the registration form.
3. You will receive a confirmation, and your DNA kit will be sent directly to your home or business.

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