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May 04

May 4, 2020 - Minnesota COVID-19 Action Team

Posted on May 4, 2020 at 11:33 AM by Kate Berg

May 4, 2020

Ask the Chief

Q: I heard there is a special law enforcement team created to investigate violations of the Governor’s Executive Orders, is this true?

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A: Thank you for your question.  The team you are referencing is called the “Minnesota COVID-19 Action Team – MCAT." The MCAT is a joint investigative team created by United States Attorney Erica H. MacDonald and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. It is a coordinated statewide effort focused on investigating and prosecuting unlawful activity associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and enforcing all state and federal laws and Executive Orders to put an end to unlawful activity.

U.S. Attorney MacDonald stated, “Unfortunately, there are bad actors who seek to exploit these challenges by preying on vulnerable individuals for a quick financial profit, launching a myriad of insidious cyber scams, or carrying out bias-motivated acts of violence. This type of criminal activity is reprehensible and will not go unpunished.” The MCAT will address reports of COVID-19-related unlawful activity, including fraud scams, price gouging, hoarding of essential medical supplies, schemes targeting economic impact payments (i.e., stimulus checks), and phishing emails and other cybercrimes.

Complaints may be submitted to the Attorney General’s Office or any federal, state, or local agency. Complaints can also be submitted to the National Center for Disaster Fraud hotline at 866.720.5721 or disaster@leo.gov.

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