Rental License Program

Red Wing is committed to ensuring a healthy place to live for everyone, and the Red Wing 2040 Community Plan Strategy 8.C.1. calls for Red Wing to implement a Rental License Program that will help accomplish that goal. We’re looking for your thoughts and feedback as the planning process happens in 2020. The program is scheduled to be implemented during the summer of 2021. 

What’s Happened So Far:

  • Council approved a tentative timeline and process that includes gathering more resident input and providing strong education and communication. Read the report.
  • Community members attended a public meeting at the Public Library on Thursday, March 12, and provided ideas and concerns. A majority of people attending were property owners. See the summary of concerns.
  • Plans are being made for small-group virtual meetings with owners, tenants, and neighbors. If you wish to join one of these groups, please email your contact information or call 651-212-3812. 
Image of Rental License Flyer for March 12 meeting
  1. Dan Rogness

    Community Development Director

  2. Frank Peterson

    Building Official

  3. Michelle Leise

    Community Engagement Facilitator

The Rental License Program is Strategy 8.C.1.