Pollinator-Friendly Plantings

Each year, wild and domesticated bees pollinate around 30 percent of crop in the United States. Bees also pollinate 70 to 80 percent of native flowering plants in the Midwest, allowing plants to produce and survive. More than 4,000 native bee species call North America home, but many of their numbers are declining, along with many types of butterflies and other insects. At the same time, colonies of European honey bees have also suffered significant losses. Habitat loss, pesticide use, and a variety of other factors contribute to the declines of these insects. 

Resources for Planting for Pollinators

MN Board of Water and Soil Resources: Planting for Pollinators (PDF)

Pollinator Toolbox

Residential Pollinator Habitat: Lawns to Legumes Grant Opportunity
The Lawns to Legumes program offers a combination or workshops, coaching, planting guidelines and cost-sharing funding for installing pollinator-friendly native plantings in residential lawns. Grants are available for individual and demonstration neighborhoods.