Electric Vehicles 


A Vehicle for Change

The U.S now produces more greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector than from electric power production. Plug-in electric vehicles can help reduce these emissions, increase energy security, improve fuel economy, and lower fuel costs. 

Red Wing Public Charging Station

The City of Red Wing is doing its part to make a difference by installing the first Municipal Level 3 Charging Station in Minnesota.

Located in downtown Red Wing, at the Third and Plum Street public parking lot, it's in close proximity to the Highway 61 corridor, making it convenient for EV owners exploring downtown Red Wing as well as those in need of a quick charge while traveling Highway 61. A variety of local businesses and organizations, who see this as a tourism and PR opportunity, each contributed money to pay for the electricity. 

Along with bringing in cars that do not burn fuel, the charging station provides energy from Xcel Energy that is more than 55 percent carbon-free. 

Find Red Wing's public charging station on Plugshare.

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