Old West Main - Upper Harbor Renewal

With the adoption of the 2017 budget and CIP, several long-planned projects that impact the Old West Main Street and Pottery District Neighborhoods were initiated and developed.

The adopted 2005 Riverfront, 2009 Upper Harbor, and  2015 Old West Main-Pottery District Action Plan provided the guidance for the renewal of the area. The proposed, planned, and ongoing projects that interconnect and meld the neighborhood and the riverfront are actions in the newly-adopted 2040 Red Wing Community Plan.  Please refer to Chapter 7, Parks and Recreation, for more details.

Project Updates & Website

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Image of project planning map of the Old West Main - Upper Harbor Renewal.

The first element is the roadway reconstruction project:

Old West Main Street and one block of Jackson Street are programmed for complete reconstruction in 2020-2021. The rebuilding of the street includes the removal and replacement of underground utilities, from TH 61 to Buchanan Street and the portion of Jackson Street from the railroad crossing to Old West Main Street.

The second element is the Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge project:

The Old West Main Street – Upper Harbor connecting pedestrian-bicycle bridge connection is programmed for reconstruction in 2020-2021, concurrent with the roadway work. A major element of the plan wis to provide a pedestrian-bicycle friendly connection over the Canadian Pacific Railroad rail corridor.

The third element is the Old West Main – Upper Harbor Renewal, Bay Point project:

The proposed project is the realignment of Levee Road, and reconfiguration and the addition of more parking in the Bay Point Park area with new walkways and pathways for pedestrian connections and access.

Realigning Levee Road will allow for Bay Point Park revitalization as expressed within the 2009 Upper Harbor Master Plan and the adopted Red Wing 2040 Community Plan. The current boat launch parking areas will be revamped, with added event parking and the grain truck fleeting area aligned with Levee Road. New park event lawn space and a natural lawn amphitheater will be created. Trails, walkways, and paths would be built, and bio-retention of stormwater for treatment will be included.