Ralph Rauterkus


Ralph Rauterkus

Council Member At-Large

Term: Partial term August 27, 2018 to January 8, 2019
Phone:  ­­­­­651-388-7303

Council Member Ralph Rauterkus and his wife, Mary, chose to move to Mary’s hometown 32 years ago. He said, “With its excellent schools, diverse culture and caring citizens it’s the ideal community to have raised our children and I am excited to watch our grandchildren grow up here now”.

Ralph has a wealth of experience in the civic arena and in the private sector. He has served eight years on the City Council, two years on the Port Authority, and five years on the Planning Commission. He has 38 years of technical and management experience working in high-tech manufacturing and is the Director of Information Systems at Polar Semiconductor, based in Bloomington. He said, “I have and will continue to put that knowledge and my management experience to work for the citizens of Red Wing”.

When asked what his focus will be, Ralph responded, “During my thirteen years of civic involvement my focus has always been on setting a solid foundation to position our City for a better tomorrow. I will continue to support healthy growth for our city while still preserving our community character and our natural environment. I’m committed to making decisions based on what is best for the future of our community. Working together we can keep Red Wing strong and vibrant”.