Sustainability in Red Wing

The City of Red Wing values its wealth of natural resources and is committed to helping protect the environment for its citizens and future generations. We seek to promote environmental awareness and responsibility in all areas of city business. 

Red Wing Sustainability Commission

In order to advance environmental sustainability, the City Council created the Red Wing Sustainability Commission in 2008. The commission is composed of citizen members with the purpose of providing advice to the City Council concerning environmental issues and initiatives facing the city.

City Initiatives

The City of Red Wing aims to lead by example and demonstrate how sustainability goals can be achieved. The sustainability initiatives the city has taken show leadership in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy use. 

Take Action

Red Wing has set an ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 80% on or before 2040. To reach this goal, we will need everyone’s help. To take action, the city offers resources to help residents, businesses, and, organizations reduce energy use and support renewable energy projects.