City Laboratory

The Red Wing City Laboratory provides biological and chemical analysis services for the City of Red Wing, S B. Foot Tanning Company, and other significant organizations. The City Lab also provides private analysis for companies and individuals in Red Wing and surrounding areas.

Water Analysis

The Red Wing City Lab is a Minnesota State Certified Laboratory and provides water and wastewater analytical services to the general public. Private well owners should test their water annually for total coliform bacteria and nitrates to ensure a safe drinking water supply.

Lab Analysis Fees

A complete list of analyses performed and fees charged, along with sample requirements, can be obtained by calling the City Lab at 651.385.5143 between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Water Test Procedures

Customers wishing to have well water or drinking water tested should follow these procedures:

  1. Call 651.385.5143 to obtain a sample kit. The kit contains a sample container, instructions, and required paperwork.
  2. Sample collection must be done on Monday – prior to collecting your sample, contact us to arrange a drop-off time.
  3. Collect sample following all instructions identified in the sample kit and any additional instructions provided.
  4. Deliver the sample to the City Lab located at 1020 East Fifth St. as arranged with us.
  5. All samples submitted must have a completed Chain of Custody Record. Test results will be mailed.

Improper Waste Ordinance

The Red Wing Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant has a biological system that can be harmed if improper substances are discharged into the sewer. To protect the facility, the City has enacted a Significant Industrial User Ordinance that puts the responsibility of these discharges on the industries generating the waste. This applies to one-time discharges as well as continual industrial strength discharges. All businesses and industries must apply for a discharge permit through the Utilities Office at the Public Works Building. All industrial/commercial wastes will be analyzed to determine potential problem wastes. In some cases, industrial wastewater is required to undergo pretreatment prior to discharge into the system.

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