Kiosk Panel 22: Restoration of Memorial Park Quarries & RWAF

Conceived & Spearheaded by the Red Wing Area Fund

In 2011, the Red Wing Area Fund put together a plan to restore Memorial Park on Sorin’s Bluff after years of deterioration. The Red Wing Area Fund (RWAF) is operated entirely by volunteers and has a history of more than 30 years of using privately-donated dollars to enhance the unique character and quality of life in the Red Wing Area.

Sketch of Memorial Park

The mission of RWAF is to imagine, develop and initiate projects beyond the reach or ability of existing agencies and resources. In the past 30 years, the Red Wing Area Fund has contributed more than $11 million to community betterment.

Grants & Participation

For the restoration of the Memorial Park quarries on Sorin’s Bluff, RWAF partnered with the City of Red Wing. The RWAF contributed approximately $355,000. A grant from the Minnesota Park Legacy program brought another $370,000. The list continues to grow but other early participants included:

  • Live Healthy Red Wing
  • Aurora Ski Club
  • Red Wing Mountain Biking Club
  • Friends of the Bluffs
  • Mayo Clinic Health System of Red Wing

Other Red Wing Area Fund Projects

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Other Major Beneficiaries

Other major beneficiaries of RWAF grants have included the:

  • Anderson Center
  • City of Red Wing
  • Fairview (now Mayo) Medical Center
  • Goodhue County Historical Society
  • National Audubon Society
  • Red Wing Ice Arena
  • Red Wing School District
  • Red Wing YMCA
  • Red Wing Youth Outreach