Kiosk Panel 17: One of the First Ski Jumping Tournaments

Mikkel on the left and Torgus Hemmestved on the right were superior athletes in Norway. Mikkel was awarded the King’s cup by King Olaf having won a major ski jumping tourney in his home country.

Red Wing Furniture Factory

They immigrated to the U.S. in 1883 with their young wives and settled in the town of Ada, Minnesota.

Mikkel and Torgus Hemmestved

A Red Wing businessman, Chris Boxrud, went to Ada and talked them into coming to Red Wing where they could work in his Red Wing Furniture Factory, make their own skis and start a ski club.

Aurora Ski Jumping Club

They felt welcome in Red Wing with many folks living in Red Wing were of Norwegian decent. They started the Aurora Ski Jumping Club, performed in the first organized ski jumping tournament on McSorley Street, Red Wing, Minnesota and made the rules for organized Ski Jumping tournaments. These facts, plus the Aurora club were the premier jumpers in the United States, earned Red Wing, Minnesota the title of The Birthplace of Ski Jumping in America. It is quiet ironic that Lake City, Minnesota, a city 18 miles southwest of Red Wing, on Lake Pepin has earned the title of The Birthplace of Water Skiing in America. The two cities have earned their honors and we are proud of both cities.


A sad note, both wives of the Torgus and Mikkel, plus one young child passed away early in life and were buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

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