Recycling Pick-Up Days

Find Your Zone

  • Click the map below to go to an interactive version.  Please note that the interactive map has tabs at the top of the page for garbage and recycling collection; make sure the recycling tab has been selected to see the correct schedule. This map is designed to be used on desktop. Some features may not work on mobile devices.
  • Enter your address in the search bar at the top left of the map.  Please type the address in all capital letters.
  • Once your address has been located, click anywhere in the colored zone around the address for a pop-up window of your zone number and collection day.
  • Click on "View" in the pop-up window to see your collection calendar.
Image of each of Red Wing's 8 recycling collection zones on a city map

Recycling will be collected every other week as per routes laid out on the City Map. The map above is color-coded to show the day of the week that each area of town is picked up.

  • Residents receiving Valet Service are collected on Wednesdays
  • Residents on the Rural Route, which would be outside the map area, are collected on Tuesdays
  • Holiday Weeks, recycling collection is delayed by one day from the holiday through the remainder of the week. (Example: if a holiday falls on a Monday, collection is delayed by 1 day the entire week. However, if the holiday falls on a Wednesday, then only Wednesday and Thursday collection is delayed 1 day.)

Missed Recycling

  • Customers who have had their weekly collection missed (meaning it was put out by 6 a.m. and placed in the proper location on your collection day and not picked up by the crew) must notify the Solid Waste Campus at 651.385.3658 by 4 p.m. on their regularly scheduled collection day or by 8 a.m. on the following work day to have the container picked up that week.
  • If your recycling was “missed” because it was not put out on time, not put out on your collection day, or not put out in the proper location, you will either have to wait until your next scheduled collection day for pickup or bring it out to the Solid Waste Campus for disposal.