Compost for Sale

Unscreened & Screened Compost: Compost can be used in clay soils to improve the moisture holding capacity and soil texture. Compost added to a soil with poor organic content will increase the utilization of plant nutrients. Compost can be substituted for peat moss when preparing a potting soil. When using compost in a starter bed or a potting soil mix, it is recommended that one part of compost be mixed with two parts soil. The pH of compost is slightly alkaline and will reduce liming requirements in acid soils. Both Screened and Unscreened Compost are for sale at the Solid Waste Campus:

  • Unscreened Compost – free of charge to Red Wing residents (limited to two ½ yard scoops per visit)
  • Unscreened Compost - $5.00/yard for non-city residents
  • Screened Compost - $.50 per 5 gallon pail (self-loaded)
  • Screened Compost - $10.00 per skid steer bucket (approximately ½ yard)
  • $10.00 loading fee if loaded with skid steer