Andy Klitzke

Portrait photo of Ward 2 City Council representative Andy Klitzke

Andy Klitzke

Council Member - Second Ward

Term: January 2021 - January 2025

Andy Klitzke is proud to have the opportunity to serve his hometown community as a member of its City Council.  “I was born and raised here in Red Wing,” Andy says.  “I decided to run for a seat on the City Council to give back to the community that I’ve lived in my whole life, the community where I started and raised my family.”

Andy remembers the first time he spoke in front of the City Council—over twenty years ago when he was a member of the Young Adults Association in Red Wing.  “My friend’s dad was my introduction to the system,” Andy recalls.  “I remember how it felt to stand in front of the City Council and speak on behalf of myself and my organization.”  As a Councilmember, Andy hopes to make sure the City’s assets are being wisely and transparently used, and that fellow residents will feel equally comfortable bringing their concerns and ideas to the Council to be heard and discussed.