Trees & Hedges on Private Property

In order to provide safe passage and use of city streets, alleys, and sidewalks Red Wing’s city code prohibits obstructions on, over, across or under any road, street sign or public sidewalk. The most common obstruction to streets and their accompanying signage is overhanging plant growth. Additionally, City Code holds property owners responsible for the maintenance of their property; this includes any trees or shrubs that are not planted on the boulevard. The Public Works Department reserves the right to prune any private vegetation that is found to be obstructing streets and/or their signage back to the property line without notifying the homeowner (Ordinance Section 7.10.Subd. 4).


Please check your property for the following violations and correct them if necessary:

  • Obstructed views of the street when exiting a driveway, alley or when crossing traffic. Trim trees and hedges to provide an unobstructed view of traffic. Remember to consider the view from neighboring driveways as well as your own.
  • Low hanging branches or hedges obstructing the sidewalk. Trim hedges back to allow all pedestrians, including those using wheelchairs or scooters, use of the full width of the sidewalk. Trim trees with low hanging branches to allow pedestrians safe use of the sidewalk without having to duck.
  • Low hanging branches or hedges obstructing streets, alleys or road signs. Trim hedges and trees back to allow clear, safe use of the full width of the street or alley, to prevent damage to vehicles and equipment using these right-of-ways, and allow a clear view of road signs.

Contact Us

The Public Works Department is responsible for trimming of trees located in the boulevards. Residents are encouraged to contact the Public Works Department at 651-385-3674 to report any boulevard trees that need trimming.