The Patrol Division is comprised of 15 officers who are supervised by four sergeants. Patrol Officers are the Department's most visible element. They serve and protect the safety of the community by enforcing state and local statutes, investigating crimes, apprehending criminals, resolving conflicts, and providing assistance or emergency services to those in need. Currently, the Patrol Division operates on 11 and 12 hour shifts. There are two day shift teams and two night shift teams.

Within the Patrol Division, there are officers assigned to the Bicycle Patrol Unit and the Goodhue County Emergency Response Team. There are also officers involved in the Department's Field Officer Training Program and the Training Unit. The Field Training Officers are responsible for training new employees and members of the Training Unit assist with overall departmental training.

Police Bike Patrol

The Red Wing Police Department has patrol officers who have been specially trained to patrol on law enforcement equipped bikes. These officers patrol city streets both at night and during the day and spend a considerable amount of time in neighborhoods interacting with citizens. The greatest advantage these bike patrol officers have over officers patrolling in squad cars is that they can go through areas much more slowly and see and hear better what is going on at that time.

Emergency Response Team

The Red Wing Police Department provides three patrol officers to be members on the Goodhue County Emergency Response Team. This team consists of officers from various area departments who are specially trained in law enforcement tactical measures such as high risk entries. Each officer on the team had to meet specific qualifications to become a team member and also must attend special monthly trainings to remain on the team.

Emergency Command Vehicle

In 2004, the Red Wing Police Department received a Homeland Security grant for $115,000 and purchased an emergency command vehicle. The vehicle was purchased through the Sirchie Corporation and was specially made so it could be used to respond to emergency situations. This vehicle has specialized equipment and is designed to enable it to be operated as an emergency operations center at the actual scene of an emergency.

Red Wing Police Mobile Command Vehicle