Night to Unite

Night to Unite is held annually on the first Tuesday in August. This event encourages neighbors to get outdoors and enjoy each others company as well as to meet members of various city departments and elected city officials. Hot dog cookouts, potlucks, parades and carnivals are held in neighborhoods throughout Red Wing as a part of this national event.

night to unite

2022 Night to Unite - August 2, 2022

Night to Unite (National Night Out) is a statewide event that builds and fosters community bonds between citizens, businesses, and public safety organizations. This annual celebration occurs on the first Tuesday in August and gathers neighborhoods and public safety personnel together for an evening to promote safe communities.

Night to Unite has proven to be an effective, inexpensive, and enjoyable opportunity to promote neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships to pursue safer communities. Community benefits often extend beyond this single evening event as neighbors get to know each other and the public safety agencies that serve them.

Register your neighborhood Night to Unite event now. If you wish to use public property for your event, (i.e. road closure or use of public park), your request must be submitted no later than July 11.If you wish to host an event on private property, please submit your request no later than July 25.

While we may still be able to accommodate visits from Police, Fire, Public Works, and other City representatives, individuals who register later than the above-identified date may not receive event materials and giveaway items.

2022 Night to Unite Event Registration

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