Neighborhood Watch & Operation Identification

Home Security

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program in which neighbors look out for each other while getting to know each other. Any out of place activity reported by a neighbor will be observed, recognized, reported and investigated by police personnel. This program also teaches participants to reduce risks of being victimized at home and how to make their home more secure. It also teaches safety tips in vehicles and in public places.

Limits of Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is not:

  • A vigilante force
  • A guarantee that crime will not occur in participating neighborhoods
  • A program designed for participants to undertake personal risk to deter crime

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a program that has proven to be effective in reducing burglaries. All easily stolen valuables are marked with a permanent identification number assigned by the Red Wing Police Department. Stickers are then displayed on doors and windows telling burglars that the property has been identified.

The identification number makes it difficult for the burglar to dispose of the property because stolen property can be traced back to its owner. If a burglar is caught with the property in his possession, it is solid evidence of possession of stolen goods.