Open Burning

MN DNR has lifted the Burning Restrictions for Goodhue County and the City of Red Wing

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN-DNR) has lifted the burning restrictions for Goodhue County. 

Open Burn permits can now be issued. Those that had a permit suspended due to restrictions can now continue to burn for the duration of your permit. Please contact the Community Development Office/Permits and Licenses at 651.385.3623.

You may contact the Fire Prevention Office at 651.385.3694 if you have additional questions or concerns. 

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Andy Speltz
Fire Marshal
Red Wing Fire Department

Open burning is done by permit process only. If a Red Wing resident wishes to burn on their property, they must first apply for a permit with the City of Red Wing through the Community Development Office.


In accordance with Section 105.6.30 of the Minnesota State Fire Code (MSFC), the party wanting such a permit shall submit an application to the Permits and License Manager for an operational permit at least three days prior to the date on which burning shall commence. 

Open burning is prohibited when burning restrictions or bans are in place.

Rules, Regulations & Fees

The applicant must thoroughly read all rules and regulations on the permit application form and be willing and able to abide by all regulations listed. 

The permit fee for residential or commercial applicants with a burn pile/piles covering 100 square feet or less is $25. Burn permits for all other purposes such as larger fires, prescribed burns, and lot clearing for new construction have additional fees as indicated in the City fee schedule. Additional fees apply for multifamily dwellings, lot clearing, or commercial properties. The permit is valid for six weeks starting from the date of application.


Permit applications can be applied for and submitted electronically online by following the link below. Permit applications may also be received from and submitted to the Permits and License Manager at the Community Development Building.


To apply for an open burning permit, please view the Open Burning Permit Application.

Notifications on Status of Permit

Applicants will be notified by email or phone of any current burning restrictions or bans during the dates of their permit. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources guidelines are used to determine restrictions and bans. 

Residing Beyond City Limits

Applicants that reside outside of Red Wing city limits must apply for a permit through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 

Alternatives to Burning

The City of Red Wing does offer alternatives to burning. Residents can haul their brush and other yard debris to the Waste Campus at 1873 Bench Street. Leaves and grass clippings may be dropped off year-round at no charge. Brush may be dropped off year-round for a nominal fee or for free during the spring and fall clean-up events.

In most cases, this fee may be less than a burning permit application fee. Also, twice per year in the spring and fall brush may be dropped off at no charge. Contact Red Wing Public Works for applicable dates and times.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Fire Prevention Office at 651.385.3694.